A Reader Thinks Ann Coulter Is No Better Than She Ought To Be
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From: A Reader [Email him]

RE: James Fulford's Blog item Ann Coulter On Sobran

If Coulter is a student of Sobran, what is she? A "D"?

Sobran would never have spoken at GOProud or if he had, you could have been sure of fireworks and words.

For that matter, Joe was probably too gracious to inform Ann of the term used on the street for good looking women that dress provocatively (I'm thinking of some of the dustcover pictures for her books) and hang out with homosexuals.

Or maybe he would, blunt as well as brilliant speaker that he was.

But I think we all know what I am talking about so I won't blurt it out.

And don't even get me started on being Presbyterian, which Ann also lays claim to.

James Fulford writes: I believe that gays were one of the subjects on which Ann Coulter agreed to disagree with Joe Sobran. (For another, check out the sentence starting with "Ironically,…" here.) Ironically, if I can put it like that, agreeing to disagree on either subject is very rare—instead of disagreeing, people insist on fatwas and condemnation.

As for the miniskirt thing, it's heterosexuals who are in favor of that, possibly even some Presbyterians.

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