An Illinois Reader Adds A Question Mark To The "A?CLU"
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10/07/10 - A Reader Wonders If The Village Voice Is Going Insane

From: Dave Martin [Email him]

To my friends at VDARE.COM: I have had it, but don't know where to turn. So, here you go. There is a group in America that dislikes much that is American. It is the American Civil Liberties Union.

I was angry when the A?CLU went after the Boy Scouts for not wanting a homosexual scout leader. I was very angry when the A?CLU sued to have the Scouts kicked out of Department of Defense property for "Separation  Of Church And State" reasons because the Scouts believe in God. My two best friends and my nephew are Eagle Scouts.

Now the A?CLU has sued the state of Arizona for its illegal immigration law. [Email the ACLU's Arizona Branch] This law is very similar to a law passed in California in 1994. Arizona's law mirrors federal law, yet there has been no suit from the A?CLU. It makes one wonder what the A?CLU has against Arizona.

Maybe the A?CLU has lived past its prime, like the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, or Rubik's Cube. There are some things that just need to fade away, never to be seen again.

Also, the "A" in A?CLU needs to disappear, bearing in mind whom they consider the enemy.

Dave Martin is an Illinois Minuteman. He also hunts and raises game birds. When cut, he bleeds Red, White And Blue. 

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