A Reader Asks What All the Fuss Is About; He Says Illegal Aliens Don't Need Any Help
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A California Reader Thanks VDARE.COM for Printing the Truth

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Meet the Senate Judiciary—Your Fate Is in Its Hands Right Now

I read Guzzardi's column about the Senators and their voting records.

My question is why do illegal aliens need any help from the Senate or anyone else? 

They seem to get by just perfectly well without any assistance. They drive cars where they should not, license and insurance notwithstanding.

Their illegal kids go to schools and no one gives a hoot.

Mexicans have their own Spanish speaking radio and TV stations.

Aliens walk around freely and take jobs papers or no papers. Or they get false papers and no one cares.

They go to hospitals and get treated, illegal or not, and then they just ignore the bill because they are too poor, or so they say, to pay it.

They have flea markets where only Spanish is spoken and no one can understand English.

The illegal alien population seems to get by very well without any assistance whatsoever. So what is the Senate Judiciary Committee so worried about?

I often read restaurant reviews where critics write, "this is the best Mexican food outside of Mexico."

What makes them think we're outside of Mexico?

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