A California Reader Thanks VDARE.COM for Printing the Truth
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An Illinois Reader Wonders Where the Outrage is

From: Marcellus Armiger [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Bush Clueless on Energy

Many thanks to Joe Guzzardi for his timely and excellent column regarding the crucial link between accelerating fossil fuel depletion and the urgent need for our country to curtail immigration and stabilize our population.

Evidence mounts every day that an energy crisis of staggering proportions looms on the horizon, a disaster that will be made immeasurably worse if we allow any more mass immigration into our land.

People need to have the facts about the dramatic mitigation measures required to stave off disaster laid out before them in an open and honest fashion.

But the near total silence of the federal government as well as the mainstream media is utterly disgraceful.

I commend VDARE.COM for publishing such vital information and alerting its readers to the daunting array of problems that challenge us.

An organization that provides such a public service deserves support.

Please expect a modest financial contribution from me within the next few days.


VDARE.COM comments: Many thanks to Marcellus and other generous readers who have contributed.

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Among them are posting a Today's Letter, one of our most popular features, seven days a week. And our blog postings on current immigration events are more frequent than ever. This expanded coverage of the National Question has been made possible by your donations. Please continue to support us; we are very grateful.

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