A Pennsylvania Reader Thinks the Catholic Church Played a Major Role in the Illegal Alien Invasion in His Town
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From: Greg Reese

Re: A Catholic Reader Meditates on Migration Week

It has been a very interesting week in my small Northeastern Pennsylvania city. We've had three shootings since last Wednesday. 

While in most cities that may be common, here it is highly unusual.  One shooting took place in broad daylight on a downtown street where one person was killed.  The second resulted from a bad drug deal

Of course, everyone involved is Hispanic.

As of the 2000 Census, the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania had a population of 23,000. 

Today, just five years later, the Mayor estimates that the city's population is now 30,000 driven primarily by Hispanics. They come here because they cannot afford to live in New York any longer. 

As a result, like many cities dealing with rapid population growth because of immigration, Hazleton has experienced increased crime, graffiti, drugs, gangs, over-crowded and poor performing schools, one of two hospitals closed, and all of the other problems that the authors at VDARE are familiar with.

During part of the five years that Hazleton was growing, I lived in south Florida

Moving to Florida from a small city was an eye opener regarding diversity and multiculturalism. 

Although still technically within the United States, many times I felt like I was in Havana, Caracas, Bogota, or any other place in Latin America. The American flag flew above the buildings but I was not in America. 

So aside from missing the warm Florida weather, I was relieved when I moved home thinking I was returning to America. 

Doing an Internet search about Hazleton and immigration, one name I found over and over again: Monsignor Michael Delaney.

Having earlier read VDARE.COM's articles regarding the Catholic Church and its support of immigration, I believe Monsignor Delaney exemplifies what you had written. 

One individual on his do-gooder mission has succeeded in welcoming and encouraging my hometown and the surrounding areas to be overrun and invaded by thousands of foreigners. 

Because of his misplaced generosity, we now have shootings on our local streets. We're all suffering because of Monsignor Delaney.

I've seen what forty years of immigration has done to south Florida. And I know full well what it will continue to bring to Hazleton.

I am just wondering at what point will Americans say, "Enough is enough!"

I fully support you and the other authors on VDARE.COM!

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