A Pennsylvania Reader Reports On An Illegal Salvadoran Murderer (On TPS) Who Couldn't Be Deported Before He Killed Someone
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From: Charles In Pennsylvania [Email him]

This guy, Jose Ferrufino, just convicted of murdering his wife's boyfriend, lived in my township. He was caught a couple times by immigration but was allowed to stay because El Salvador once had an earthquake...or something. Although he had no criminal record until the events leading to his committing murder, some of the news accounts indicate he had a violent reputation in the local “immigrant” community.

James Fulford writes: The third story on that list has some useful details about how TPS works, and it's crazy. (Except for that, there's no way to tell from LancasterOnline headlines that this is an immigration story.)

The earthquake happened in 2001, Ferrufino crossed the border illegally in 2003, and he still couldn't be deported. Ferrufino is sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, but if, in 40 years, he's paroled at age 90, I would hope that the Temporary Protected Status will be over in the 2059.

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