A Pennsylvania Reader Notes "Black-Saves-White Stories" Get Maximum Media Velocity
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From: A Pennsylvania Reader [Email him]

I have noticed that whenever a story features a black person helping, befriending or saving a white person, it’s launched into the stratosphere.[High school cheerleader jumps off float to rescue choking toddler during homecoming parade, by Alex Lasker, In The Know, October 4, 2019]

I don’t doubt that the black cheerleader acted heroically to perform the Heimlich on the white baby, for which congratulations are due.

But you get the sense that the media gives these types of stories a heavy push, surely to exclusion of 1) white-helps-black stories, 2) black-hurts-white stories, and 4) black-hurts-black stories.

For the enforcers of wokeness, the black-helps-white stories are like crack. "See how awesome black people are? See how helpless white people are? See how really, without blacks, whites would be choking to death, sitting alone at the lunch table, and otherwise wallowing in misery?"

Whites, meanwhile, get tarred and feathered in the media for such offenses as calling 911 on a black person, posting on social media that Hispanics are less likely to watch their children, or complaining that English isn't being spoken at the Burger King drive-through.

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