A Northern Virginia Reader Points Out Bloomberg's Open Borders Agenda Benefits Him Directly—And Threatens National Security
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog item "This Message Paid For By Billionaire Golfers For Open Borders"

From: A Northern Virginia Reader [Email him]

Again, let me again express my gratitude for VDARE.com's honest and forthright contribution to the debate on immigration issues. Too many of our media and politicians (of both parties) are terrified to speak the truth, to the great detriment of our country and its working (legal) citizenry.

I was (unfortunately) not surprised when I saw an article recently indicating that Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC, whose fortune was made on Bloomberg News Service, exclusively an Information Technology business these days, is calling for the importation of more foreign science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals (STEM/IT labor, for short)as well. [NYC Mayor: U.S. Needs More Foreign Tech Talent ,By Paul McDougall, Informationweek, October 10, 2011]

As Dr. Norman Matloff as extensively researched, the H1B/L1 visa system was instituted and is maintained simply to supply corporations in this country with cheap STEM/IT labor.

These programs are leveraged extensively in areas of the country where the cost of living is very high (like New York City or urban areas of California) and where the wages that would normally be required to attract and retain native workers would also likewise be very high (were the labor market allowed to work without the artificial interference of these visa holders).

As a result of the interference and the artificially low wages in IT careers that result, natives are discouraged from entering or staying in STEM/IT careers where their compensation and work tenure are threatened by these visa holders.

Native workers then subsequently (and quite predictably) either choose or move into other careers that are more lucrative and/or stable in the long term. This then creates a (very predictable) manpower gap in the STEM/IT fields, which then serves as motivation for corporations to lobby the government for more visa holders.

This self-fulfilling prophecy creates a trend that has continued on and on without end for more than a decade now.

For a country whose military and intelligence agencies now rely nearly exclusively on technology (as implemented by highly-cleared native-born workers exclusively by law) over manpower advantage to be effective, this is an especially damaging and disturbing trend the longer it continues on.

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