A North Carolina Reader Takes The Pledge
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06/27/07 - A Reader in Alta California Is Still Steaming About Treaty Violations

From: Mike Barnes [e-mail him]

Re: A Tennessee Reader Wants A New Question Added To Immigration Polls

I read the question posed by the Tennessee reader and offer additional advice.

Let's pledge to vote for the opponent of any elected official voting for any form of legislation, resolution, or proclamation offering illegal aliens:

  1. Sanctuary,
  2. Any form of taxpayer funded benefits including contributions to organizations offering benefits to illegal aliens,
  3. Anchor baby citizenship,
  4. Police no ask policy,
  5. Church or non-profit sanctuary protection without fully removing tax exemptions for the church or non-profit,
  6. Day worker centers,
  7. Legal services,
  8. Chain migration at the expense of the needs of the United States,
  9. Amnesty, earned citizenship, parole, or other politically correct name for amnesty.

If your opponent also voted for similar legislation or resolutions, then I will vote for a write-in candidate.

I also will not make a contribution to your campaign and I will return your campaign material marked as refused return to sender.

Barnes is a former IBM executive and worked in a similar capacity for an electric utility.. He also served as an elected city councilman for six years in a small New Jersey town. Recently, Barnes changed his political affiliation from Republican to Independent.

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