An Alamance County Reader Reports Local Illegals Are Worried About Deportation
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From:  A Reader In Alamance County, NC

My county (Alamance County, North Carolina) now has its large illegal-alien population scared it will face deportation from minor police contacts as a result of the scheduled soon opening of a new contracted county jail with INS deputization of local deputy sheriffs.  I think it will scare many of the local illegals—among whom their very efficient grapevine already has the word out—into leaving for nearby liberal areas whose police promise not to touch them. 

From today's Greensboro News & Record:

Bigger jail and deportation hub worry Latinos By Lorraine Ahearn Sunday, March 18, 2007

The phone started ringing Thursday morning at Que Pasa, the Hispanic radio station in Winston-Salem, and immigrant advocates in Greensboro meanwhile fielded a dozen or more calls echoing the same question:

What's up in Alamance County?

About 25 police officers from several surrounding jurisdictions had set up a staging point in Burlington. Was it a dragnet? A sweep? A license check for undocumented immigrants?

Well, it was none of the above, but instead, routine certification in the use of radar guns. And though a false alarm, the incident demonstrated how wary many Latinos are becoming in Alamance County.

The reason? On April 1, Alamance opens its new 240-bed jail, which will double the county's prisoner capacity to a total of 486 beds. More significant, perhaps, is a new 10-officer unit, giving the Alamance Sheriff's Department the cross-sworn authority of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.


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