A New Mexico Reader On Bill Richardson's Chameleon-like Ability To Be Hispanic Or Anglo Depending On The Audience
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From: Henry Houston (e-mail him)

Re: Paul Nachman's Blog: Bill Richardson On "What Do Hispanics Want?"

Is there a more odious politician than New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson?

When his audience is Hispanic, he's Hispanic. If he's addressing Americans—as he did often on his ego-maniacal and totally impossible presidential campaign, then he's true blue.

Richardson is for "comprehensive immigration reform" except when he isn't—like three years ago when he admitted that aliens were draining New Mexico dry and he begged for federal help.

But Richardson hit a new low when he accepted his Secretary of Commerce consolation prize by speaking, for about half the time, in Spanish. He talked about the "power" of Latinos, the need to keep fighting, and a reminder that "Sí, Se Puede."  (Watch it here.)

What an ingrate Richardson is!

Mexico has done nothing for him but America has given him wonderful opportunities, Congress, the Ambassador to the United Nations and Secretary of Energy—all of which he disdains.

Houston's previous letter about senile Sen. Pete Domenici is here.

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