A New Jersey Reader Wonders Why Congressman Joe Wilson's Loves Cheap Labor
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From: Pete Redner (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Rep. Joe Wilson Doing A Job American Have To Do

What exactly is Joe Wilson's record on immigration? On amnesty?  On H-1B visas? On guest workers?

[VDARE.COM answers: on everything related to immigration including amnesty, asylum, border control and anchor babies Wilson averages A+ But on foreign workers, Wilson receives an F See his grade card here.]

Most Republicans like cheap labor too much to suit my taste. Wilson is no different. I'm as unhappy with most of legal immigration as I am with the illegal variety.

The Republicans, especially the party's Southern wing, think that indentured servitude is fine to be the backbone of guest worker programs or eventual amnesty.

Redner's previous letters about the unfairness of the "Fairness Doctrine", the multiple social issues that immigration adversely impacts and New Jersey's terrorists are here, here and here.

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