Rep. Joe Wilson: Doing a job Americans have to do.
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Resurfacing, I find that Immigration Patriots have a new hero in the form of Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC).

Quite likely at some cost to himself – there is Democratic talk of special fund raising for his defeat - Wilson’s interjection into President Obama’s Health sermon has obliged the MSM to give space for refutations of Wilson’s assertion that illegals are likely be able to access benefits under Obama’s proposals. For instance
Illegal Immigrants Trigger Fight by Foes Over Obama’s Overhaul By Meg Tirrell and Nicole Gaouette Bloomberg September 11 2009

The refutations are ineffective of course, because the simple fact is that Congressional Democrats have repeatedly sabotaged efforts to put teeth into vague statements purporting to exclude illegals to prevent fraud. Why would they be doing that if they do not plan to turn a blind eye to fraud?

And as my sensitive friend from California pointed out the other day, if it is not explained where the huge costs thrown on hospital Emergency Rooms by forcing them to treat illegals are to be shifted, how can the finances of Obamacare be evaluated?

The weakness of the left’s defenses is well illustrated by this Bloomberg article. It produces an academic with the fine old American name of Ku to downplay the fraud problem:

“Can some people cheat? Some people can cheat at virtually anything.”

While methods of checking eligibility may not have been specified in Obama’s proposal, “there are relatively straightforward ways to monitor it that the federal government” has used before, such as requiring and confirming Social Security numbers, Ku said.

This is laughable. Has Ku never heard of the illegal immigrant Identity theft problem?

Tell Professor Ku to get up to speed (be polite).

White House Press Secretary Gibbs similarly makes a fool of himself.

I would think it would be somewhat of a bad course of events, if you’re here illegally, to alert people that you are here illegally and sign up for a government program.”

What about the bankrupting inundation of America’s schools by the illegal children of illegals? Don’t their Parents sign up?

To any one familiar with the ferocious style of the British House of Commons the idea that interrupting the Chief Executive during a speech is obscenely horrible appears ridiculous. There is some discussion in the blogosphere of the superiority of this system for instance here.

And it probably would have the great advantage of training American politicians to fight one another without immediately lapsing into cries of Nazi! and Liar! which are basically signs of forensic poverty. We could be spared fiascos like Teddy Kennedy’s Mudd moment, and emotionally unstable nasties like John McCain would get discarded early.

But as matters stand, it is because of Representative Wilson’s deed that the MSM has had to devote space to the question of illegals benefiting from the Health Care package, and the Democratic tacit acceptance of it. They very definitely did not want any attention on this matter.

A dirty job perhaps, but one which only an American could do. Congressman Wilson did it, and salutes him

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