A New Jersey Reader Says Immigration Is "Not A Single Issue"
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From: Pete Redner (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Liberal Reader Explains The Downside Of Single Issue Candidates

Many readers who commented on Joe Guzzardi's column about the failure of the patriotic immigration reform movement to support Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter expressed opinions similar to Paul Verizzo's (above)—that campaigning on the single issue of immigration doomed them to failure.

But immigration is not a single issue.

Rather, it is a broad topic that includes crime rates, employment (or should I say unemployment), the mortgage crisis, and food prices.

I can't think of one aspect of our lives that immigration does not adversely impact.

What Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter and the others failed to do was to make the connections to the related issues before bringing immigration up as the cause of the other problems.

That so many Republican candidates brought immigration up is a victory in itself and shows how far we have progressed.

Redner, recently retired, describes himself as "an apprentice curmudgeon." His previous letters about "the Fairness Doctrine" and New Jersey's terrorists are here and here.

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