A New Jersey Professor Says Even Pat Buchanan's Critics Admire Him
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From: Lewis Brewster (e-mail him)

Re: Tom Piatak's Column: Pat Buchanan At 70! "He Told You So, You F***Ing Fools!"

Piatak told a great story about Pat Buchanan eating at Burger King. It's completely consistent with Buchanan's personality.

An interesting footnote is that after Buchanan's 2000 campaign, a group of Associated Press reporters who had been assigned to follow him around agreed that it was more enjoyable than being on either the George W. Bush or Al Gore beat.

They found Buchanan better informed with a keener sense of history and humor than either major party candidate.

Nevertheless, they wrote only critically about him.

But as Robert Novak noted about Buchanan at the time:

"There is a compelling tone about what Buchanan says that is lacking in his rivals from both parties. Even journalists who agree with him about nothing will stipulate that he is the best informed and most cerebral of the aspirants. Alone among the fourteen announced candidates for president, he has a comprehensive world view."

Brewster is a retired classical languages professor. His previous letters on a New Jersey imam allowed to remain in the U.S. despite possible terrorist ties and on home mortgages for aliens are here and here.

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