A CA Lawyer Notes MSM Promoting Gay Marriage And Unlimited Immigration The Same Way—As Good For Business
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From: Mark Mallarde (e-mail him)

Liberal media manipulation really fascinates. 

When cornered on the immigration issue, it argues that economic growth and free market principles demand open borders. 

Restricting immigration impairs growth, according to the MSM. This triggers something in the mind of neoconservative ignoramuses that believe that salvation comes only in the form of economic bloat.

Who would have believed that liberal media would apply the same economic growth uber alles rationale to gay marriage

Guess what?  The New York Times, among others, did!  ("Demise of Same Sex Weddings Disheartens Business," by Jesse McKinley, New York Times, November 6, 2008)

Apparently, prohibiting gay marriage is plain bad for business.

As per Times reporter McKinley:

"In June, the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, which studies sexual orientation and the law, estimated that legalizing same-sex ceremonies in the state would result in about $63.8 million in government tax and fee revenue over three years."

Whatever one's position on the gay marriage issue, the notion that Californians should decide morality issues that shape their society on $60M in tax revenues offends in the same way as the Open Borders cheer leaders' ranting and raving does.

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