NJ Professor Wonders How Home Ownership For Everyone—Aliens, Too!—Looks To George W. Bush Today
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09/14/08 - A Life Long George Putnam Fan Says Good-Bye

From: Lewis Brewster (e-mail him)

The financial markets are in a crisis but Bush is safe to talk idiotically about "adjustments" as he did today.

He'll be drawing from the government trough for the rest of his life.

But looking back on his home ownership for all concept— regardless of income, credit history or immigration status— you have to wonder if Bush had second thoughts this morning when he woke up to the headlines that Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch are gone and American International Group on the brink. [Big Insurer Gets Lifeline as Markets Fall, by Michael Grynbaum, New York Times, September 15, 2008]

Bush gave the signal to his Wall Street friends to start lending money to even the most unqualified. And they were only too eager to follow. [VDARE.COM Note: Since the idea of mortgages for aliens first emerged, VDARE.COM contributors Thomas Allen hereJoe Guzzardi here and Edwin S. Rubenstein here and here have criticized this policy and predicted a bad ending.]

Dante Alighieri would have the traitor Bush and his greedy banker friends sent to his Ninth Circle of Hell for what they have done to America.

Brewster is a retired classical languages professor. His previous letter about a New Jersey imam allowed to stay in the U.S. is here.

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