A Nevada Reader Applauds Wayne Allyn Root's View That Sharron Angle Is The "New Mainstream"
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From: Ken Record (e-mail him)

Libertarian columnist Wayne Allyn Root has an interesting take on this year's November election, particularly as it pertains to Senator Harry Reid's race against "outsider" Sharron Angle

Root points out that, although the Wall Street Journal may consider Angle's views "outside of the mainstream", she is rather, in his eyes, the angry "new mainstream"

In the primary, Angle came from 20 points behind to defeat favorite Sue Lowden. One reason certainly was that Angle had the strongest anti-illegal alien stance among the three Republican candidates.

Looking ahead to November, Root concludes:

"Nevada is the canary in the coal mine. I predict all over this country the media will be stunned by this 'new world order.' Conservative and libertarian philosophy is back in vogue; 'traditional,' 'establishment' and 'mainstream' are dirty words; and radical is the new mainstream."

(Is Angle's 'Radical' Steak the New Mainstream? by Wayne Allyn Root, Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 20, 2010)

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