An Illinois Democrat Wonders When John Kyl Became Such An Ally
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From: Lee Small (e-mail him)

Re: Rob Sanchez's Blog: Obama Administration Disputes Senator Kyl's Statements

Since when is Arizona Senator Kyl such a big friend of patriotic immigration reform? His career grade is C-, the same as John McCain.

Kyl is just one of the Republicans who when the party had control of Congress and the White House did nothing about immigration or anything else for that matter.

Republican failures notwithstanding, it's ridiculous that the mainstream media gives President Barack Obama a pass for failing to uphold his duty to defend and protect our country and uses border security to extort political points.

Obama needs to stop worrying about his legacy and start leading us on a path to greatness instead of to the welfare line.

Small's previous letters calling for Reid's removal and his curious campaign style are here and here.

James Fulford writes: Kyl isn't an ally, necessarily. He's an example of the phenomenon I've remarked on before: even if elected officials are incapable of seeing the light, they can generally feel the heat.

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