A Nevada Republican Assesses GOP Candidates To Replace Senate Majority Leader Reid
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From: Ken Record (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Obamnasty, Shamesty—Harry Reid Is Toast!

In order of polling strength, the three leading Republican candidates who might oppose Harry Reid in November are (1) Sue Lowden, ex-chairman of the Nevada Republican Party (2) Danny Tarkanian, businessman and (3) Assemblywoman Sharron Angle.

Both Lowden (52 percent) and Tarkanian (51 percent) have better poll numbers than Reid who remains frozen at about 40 percent. Only Angle (48 percent) has taken a specific stand against Reid's current effort to push an amnesty bill forward.

Tarkanian speaks against illegal immigration and supports Arizona's S.B. 1070 but so far has not commented on amnesty.

Lowden follows the typical Nevada Republican Party official position; deplore
immigration problems in small meetings with no media present
but avoid the issue in big events with major exposure.

Record, who has previously written about Nevada politics here, says that he is no longer a Republican activist but that he occasionally attends the Las Vegas Republican Town Hall group.

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