A California Reader Says Obama Has Pushed Middle America Back To The Right
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From: Jeanine McMinn (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: On Immigration, Obama Moves Further Left

The best thing you can say about Obama and his radical immigration policy is that he's caused a rebirth of conservatism throughout the U.S.

Since he was inaugurated in 2008, the numbers of Americans that consider themselves conservative has risen five points to 42 percent while liberals have dropped 2 points to 20 percent according to the latest Gallup polling.

More than twice as many Americans are conservative than liberal! Obama has driven the middle back to the right.

The poll's findings represent a total repudiation of Obama and his agenda.

Ironically, Obama's biggest supporters—Democratic Congressional majority leader's Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as well as La Raza and Maldef—will be his worst enemies when November (2010 and 2012) roll around.

McMinn is a retired law enforcement officer.

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