A British Virgin Islands Reader Says Haitian Immigration Into Dominican Republic Parallels U.S. Crisis
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From: Joseph Christopher (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: U.S.-Haiti Immigration Policy Wins No Friends And Influences No People

Parallels to immigration from Haiti to the Dominican Republic and Mexico into the U.S. may be greater than Guzzardi realizes.

Because their shared border allows easy access into the Dominican Republic from Haiti, the Dominicans have reached the limit as to their willingness to allow more illegal immigration into their country.

Some refer to the population growth of Haitians in the Dominican Republic as an "atomic bomb" while others think that masterminds are plotting a united island where, like the U.S. and Mexico, the border will no longer exist. [Undocumented Haitian Population an "Atomic Bomb," Dominican Judge Says, Dominican Today, April 29, 2009]

Mostly, however, Dominicans, like their American counterparts, are disgusted that the government didn't intervene in the immigration problem years ago when it could more easily have been brought under control.

These Haiti-Dominican conditions all mirror the U.S: a shared but disappearing border, easy entry, population pressures and popular disgust with government neglect.

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