A Mississippi Reader Wonders What Republican Would Dare Run On Immigration After The Hunter/Tancredo Disaster; Peter Brimelow Replies
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From: John Preston (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: "He Can't Win"—How Immigration Reform Patriots Turned Their Backs on Duncan Hunter (And Tom Tancredo)

In his analysis of the downside implications of Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo's disappointing showings in the 2008 Republican primaries, Guzzardi overlooked an important consideration.

What future Republican candidate, upon reviewing Hunter and Tancredo's results, would make immigration the focal point of his campaign?

Imagine if you were running for office—governor, Congress or the White House—could you, despite what your personal commitment might be, afford the risk of advocating immigration reform?

Would your advisors encourage you to press ahead with an immigration enforcement platform?

Or would they tell you bluntly that immigration doesn't, as the Washington Post claims, "play well at the polls?"

Preston moved to Mississippi after living in Manhattan for thirty years. He is retired and determined to master Creole cooking.

Peter Brimelow writes: This strikes me as reductionist to a fault. The 2008 Republican primaries were impressive precisely because all candidates, including John McCain, scrambled to get on board at least against illegal immigration. And there was reason for that, given the exit polls of Republican voters. And the game may not be over. And does anyone say that the early demise of Giuliani and Thompson (and for that matter Tancredo and Hunter) discredited the pro-Iraq War case?

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