A U.K. Reader Says Church Immigration Enthusiasm Must Not Drive Catholics From Their Faith
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From: Claire Fair (e-mail her)

Re: J. P. Zmirak's Column: The Brogue Wears Off: Why The Catholic Church Is Addicted To Immigration

The Roman Catholic Church has been on the road to socialism for more than twenty years.

Many Catholics have written and expressed our views to the Diocesan offices and verbally informed our pastors that we will not support Catholic Charities anymore since we are now aware of its socialist agenda and borderless, pro-illegal alien stance.

The final straw for me was in 2006 when The Tablet, the international Catholic weekly newspaper (e-mail), had an editorial by Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (who had been implicated as abetting a pedophile in 2005) insisting that people all across Britain welcome immigrants—legal or illegal. [Church of Many Colours, Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, The Tablet, April 29, 2006]

What's important for Catholics like Zmirak and others who read VDARE.COM is this: don't let the failings of politically motivated individuals separate you from your religion.

Fair adds that she still contributes to and supports worthy local charities and missions but that Catholic Charities is a "no-no"

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