A Mexican Reader Says VDARE.COM Is A "Xenophobic, Verborrea" Site; Edgar Martinez, Joe Guzzardi Reply
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From: Jesús Peña (e-mail him)  

Re: Today's Letter: A California Reader Uncovers Photos Of Mexican Police Beating Central American Migrants

Oooooh, what a discovery Edgar Martinez. writer of the above letter, made!

Where has he been living? Troops (and not only Mexican ones) are usually abusive of civilians' human rights. Witness the thousands being killed in Iraq, many of them children.

The Mexican Army violates not only foreigners but also Mexicans.

Look at the newspapers to read incidents of the sexual abuse of an elderly Veracruz woman,  of prostitutes in Coahuila and numerous other examples. The Mexican soldiers and police act without remorse and with impunity. 

So, what's Martinez's point?

We—humans everywhere—protest with any means possible events like the Iraq War, the mistreatment of people by the armies, the racism against illegal aliens in America, and the xenophobic "verborrea" of VDARE.COM-type sites.

Edgar Martinez replies:  Of course, I have known about the Mexican Army's barbarism all along.

But, guess what, Jesus? Those pictures made it to the front page of mostly every Mexican newspaper. Did they just discover it, too?

The Mexican press is finally printing stories about real human rights violations carried out by the Mexican government—the same Mexican government that complains that the United States is violating human rights for handcuffing people and deporting them. That's hardly a human rights violation.

If Jesus can't see the hypocrisy, then he must still be "chupando su dedo"—a Mexican saying meaning "sucking your thumb"-—like a baby unaware of the real world.

Mexico has much harsher laws regarding illegal immigration than the United States. Until Mexico changes that, it can't take the higher moral ground. Which is the whole point of VDARE.COM.

By the way, Jesus, I am a U.S. citizen, son of two Mexican parents who entered legally and paid the hospital for my birth.

Joe Guzzardi adds: Peña, who lives in Canada, staunchly defends Mexico against what he perceives as the American mistreatment of his people. We've posted his letters before. Peña knows very well that this site is about mass immigration and issues related to it—not the Iraq War and not global human injustices.

Martinez's letter made the point that Mexico is hypocritical to charge the U.S. with human rights violations against Mexicans in America when it is guilty of much worse behavior on its own soil. The photos accompanying Martinez's letter and in Allan Wall's most recent column confirm that.

When Mexico is guiltless it can preach—but not until then.

Here's an interesting question I recommend readers pose to Peña: why do you choose to live in Canada if you're such a vigorous supporter of Mexico? Ask him here at his alternate e-mail address; note it closely.

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