A Reader Asks Matthew Richer What's So "Extraordinary" About Him; Richer Replies
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From: Sarah Wellington (e-mail her)

Re: Matthew Richer's Column: Thoughts On Attending William F. Buckley's Memorial Mass

It takes a certain kind of gall to claim that Mr. Buckley is "ordinary."

We must, then, assume that Richer is more than ordinary? What's so "extraordinary" about him?

Not much, as far as I can tell.

Matthew Richer responds: To the charge that I am an "ordinary" guy I plead completely guilty—except for my extraordinary good looks, according to my fiancée.

Regarding Ms. Wellington's point: our nation's elites were caught off guard by the national revolt against the Bush Amnesty because they have so little in common with ordinary Americans like me.

Indeed, the little platoons of patriotic American society are mostly filled with common folk. This is the America I love.

Conservatives should fight to preserve and encourage people like us. Buckley didn't do much of that and neither did National Review.

They were too busy at the futile effort to bring democracy to the Middle East.

Ordinary we may be, but don't underestimate us.

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