An Ex-Programmer Says Unwinding Congressional Lies About The H-1B Visa Cap Is "As Complex As Writing Systems"
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From: Bob Anderson (e-mail him)

Re: Rob Sanchez's Blog: Foreign Students Staying Longer—While "Learning To Grind With American Girls"

As Sanchez wrote in his blog, the Department of Homeland Security just increased F1 student visa work period from 12 months to 29 months. ["Some Foreign Students Get Extended Stay," Eileen Sullivan, Associated Press, April 5, 2008]

This is basically increases the H-1B cap by 23,000 (the number of foreign students getting degrees in science, math and engineering this year) because 12 months is, if not always too short a time to get a job, an increasingly unrealistic time frame. The 29 month limit is much more lenient.

The software industry's goal of figuratively stapling an H-1B visa to every F1 student's college diploma has just been met.

DHS's proclamation flatly translates into an H-1B increase as well, as every H-1B that would have been used by these students, is now available again. Students that might have gone home will now consider staying and going into the U.S. job pool.

The Executive Branch tried H-1B manipulation a few years ago when it created 20,000 H-1B "graduate degree only" visas. Sanchez wrote about it here on his website.

But in implementation, ICE ignored the graduate degree requirement. It claimed that since some of the previously issued H-1B visas had already been given to graduate degree holders, it was just going to "switch things around.

That maneuver ultimately created 20,000 new visas.

I know it's complicated. But it would be a fair to say simply say that ICE ignored the graduate degree requirement.

Keeping track of the way these jerks undermine American workers and unwinding their lies is as complex as writing systems!

It's no coincidence that the latest DHS proclamation was stealth, coming as it did late on a Friday.

Anderson lives in Texas.

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