A California Reader Uncovers Photos Of Mexican Police Beating Central American Migrants
April 07, 2008, 05:00 AM
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From: Edgar Martinez (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column: Joe`s Immigration Reform Fantasy Comes True—Almost

In his above captioned article, Guzzardi wrote:

"I have sisters, nieces and nephews who live in Guatemala. Nothing makes them laugh harder than when they read that Mexico is protesting the `human rights abuses` of its citizens in the U.S. In Guatemala, it`s common knowledge that if migrants get caught crossing into Mexico, they`ll be beaten, raped and robbed before being kicked back."

I confirmed Guzzardi`s opinion in my March 18 letter to VDARE.COM

Now I have discovered photographs of an incident that that show a Mexican policeman beating an unarmed man trying to escape. See them here.

A paragraph from another story (Spanish only) exposing the police brutality states:

"The soldiers entered the settler`s houses to remove the migrants and without caring about the presence of children, they struck them in a brutal way. 

"Vázquez Medina (a human rights activist) also speculated that during the raid several women were abused sexually, since underwear and used condoms were discovered." [Migrant Beatings Are Denounced, By María de Jesús Peters, El Universal, April 5, 2008]

Martinez wrote previously about the Mexican government`s meddling in the Elvira Arellano case. Read it here.