A California Reader Uncovers Photos Of Mexican Police Beating Central American Migrants
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From: Edgar Martinez (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe's Immigration Reform Fantasy Comes True—Almost

In his above captioned article, Guzzardi wrote:

"I have sisters, nieces and nephews who live in Guatemala. Nothing makes them laugh harder than when they read that Mexico is protesting the 'human rights abuses' of its citizens in the U.S. In Guatemala, it's common knowledge that if migrants get caught crossing into Mexico, they'll be beaten, raped and robbed before being kicked back."

I confirmed Guzzardi's opinion in my March 18 letter to VDARE.COM

Now I have discovered photographs of an incident that that show a Mexican policeman beating an unarmed man trying to escape. See them here.

A paragraph from another story (Spanish only) exposing the police brutality states:

"The soldiers entered the settler's houses to remove the migrants and without caring about the presence of children, they struck them in a brutal way. 

"Vázquez Medina (a human rights activist) also speculated that during the raid several women were abused sexually, since underwear and used condoms were discovered." [Migrant Beatings Are Denounced, By María de Jesús Peters, El Universal, April 5, 2008]

Martinez wrote previously about the Mexican government's meddling in the Elvira Arellano case. Read it here.

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