The Death Of Manassas
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02/06/07 - A Mexican-American Applauds An American In Mexico

From: A Manassas, Virginia, Reader:

I often write in our local paper regarding the illegal immigrant invasion in Manassas, VA. The most frustrating fact is that we can not get one of our legislators to visit to see first hand what has happened to this city.

The Manassas City School System now has 36% of its students enrolled in ESL. Almost 80% of the K-5 children now qualify for reduced/free breakfast and lunch.

We are burdened by poor, uneducated people from the Southern Hemisphere.. The southern side of Manassas is so over crowded with multiple families and worker dorms in the town and single family homes.

You can see all the trucks pulling up each morning and evening picking up and dropping off the laborers. These people care nothing about our community. They are takers not givers. Amnesty will be the death of Manassas, Herndon, Sterling, Culpeper , and  Hazleton PA.

Our legislators have failed to protect middle America and now want us to suck it up, sit down and shut up. I say "Hell,  no!" Things are going to get real nasty in the future as America will finally wake up to this invasion. Yes we need guest workers but not from the Southern Hemisphere. Give us the Asians,  or the Irish. At least they will have a high school education and will assimilate. Our southern neighbors have not shown the ability to live in a community with others.

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