A Massachusetts Reader Predicts That A Kennedy Will Replace Kennedy
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From: Lou Stringer (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A North Carolina Reader Says Terminally Ill Ted Kennedy Is Still Hard At Work Subverting Americans

As noted by letter writer John Pershing, Senator Edward M.Kennedy despite his failing health has enough energy to push Obamacare even to the extent of wanting to change Massachusetts law to make it possible to pick a caretaker successor who would not be able to run for the seat in a general election.

Certainly, Kennedy will use all his influence to be sure the chosen one is of like mind with him on Obamacare.

Although he didn't mention them, Kennedy's first preference would be his wife Vicki or his nephew Joe.

They could decline, citing personal tragedy, but would then be high on the list of candidates when the special election is held. [Kennedy Asks Massachusetts to Change Successor Rules, by James Oliphant, Los Angeles Times, August 21, 2009]

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