A Reader Says To Ted Kennedy "You First"
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03/02/07 - A Reader Says The Fence Will Never Be Built

From: A Reader in Alabama

Senator Ted Kennedy is now spearheading an immigration "reform" that gives an illegal immigrant MS-13 drug gang member the same rights to citizenship as a Nobel-prizewinning Indian physicist. This cannot be justified by either morality or national interest. A policy that maximizes population growth at the expense of all other priorities has one purpose: to drive down wages by increasing the competition for jobs, and hence increase profits for the rich.

For societies without an open frontier, there are no instances in all of recorded history where rapid population growth did NOT drive down wages. Nobody beats the law of supply and demand: more people competing for work causes wages to go down not up. Everyone knows this, although sometimes it is phrased in code like "fighting wage inflation", "maintaining global competitiveness", or "enabling affordable labor costs". According to Alan Greenspan, Senator Kennedy's cheap-labor immigration policies have already created the first time in American history that robust economic growth did not cause wages to go up (Alan Greenspan thought that this was fine). [See Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan Boston College Conference on the New Economy, Boston, Massachusetts March 6, 2000 and George Borjas's comments on it here.] The new proposals will create an America with over a billion people well within the span of those now living, and steadily falling real wages. But the rate of return on capital for the Kennedy clan of rentiers will continue to climb.

The bottom line: if you are rich, replacing $20/hr labor with $1/hr labor is profit pure and easy, and the most effective means of doing that is to flood the market for labor.

Senator Kennedy claims to be a humanitarian, but then so did Hitler: talk is cheap. Senator Kennedy is a bloated leech of a limousine liberal. Voting for things like more family leave after destroying a person's ability to earn a decent wage is like giving someone a band- aid after cutting their legs off with a chainsaw.

The walls protecting the Kennedy mansions and private clubs from trespassers are sacred, but the walls protecting Americans of more modest means are evil and racist: such a convenient morality where the sole measure of goodness is whether it profit a Kennedy.

A decent person would focus on the corrupt Mexican oligarchy that has created such desperate poverty in that land, but in voting for the violently anti-labor NAFTA trade treaty Senator Kennedy has made it clear that he has no scruples about profiting from the misery of others: he only wishes to spread this misery to his own nation, the better to boost his own profits. Senator Kennedy's cheap-labor-uber-alles immigration "reform" proposals should be rejected with prejudice, as should the great hypocrite himself.

A modest proposal: The Kennedy clan should be stripped of every asset and advantage, and forced to spend the rest of their lives competing for work in some sweatshop where the vilest job attracts 1000 starving applicants, and wages are driven to the most miserable level compatible with life, and the grand senator and his family may experience firsthand the falsity of the maxim "the more the merrier" that so many Mexicans, Haitians, Bangladeshis etc. already enjoy. When a rich man claims that "we" need to sacrifice all that we have to help others, our response should always be: "you first".

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