A Massachusetts Reader Asks Who Does Write Our Laws?
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07/02/06 - A California Reader Announces His Timely New Book, Immigration Politics

From:  M.S.

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe Feels Even Better About Immigration Bill…

Guzzardi revealed in his column that the American Immigration Lawyers Association authored S.2611, the horrible amnesty/guest worker bill, and not our Senators.

That leaves the question: who is writing our laws? 

I get the impression Senators and Representatives are nothing more than actors or television anchormen.

Somebody gives them a script and they read it on the Senate floor without any idea what they are saying. 

If outside lobbyists write immigration laws, as was the case with S. 2611, then do staffers generate the other such legislation? 

If so, who are the staff members and what are their connections? 

VDARE.COM should investigate this.  We vote for familiar faces and names but apparently the people who actually write the bills are unknown to us.

M.S.'s previous letter regarding the surprise that awaits Gringo Democrats is here.

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