A California Reader Announces His Timely New Book, Immigration Politics
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From:  Lance Sjogren: [e-mail him]

In my new book, Immigration Politics, I predicted the immigration showdown now underway between the elite and the American people.

With the conflict certain to heat up again in Congress after the Independence Day recess and with the November elections only four months from now, concerned Americans will find Immigration Politics a timely and useful history of the open borders lobby and the ways they can combat it.

Thanks to the VDARE.COM editors and contributors whom I cited throughout my book, including Juan Mann, Edwin S. Rubenstein and Allan Wall.

Sjogren was born in Portland Oregon and grew up in Corvallis. He earned bachelors degrees in Engineering from Oregon State University in 1981, and a Masters and PhD in Electrical Engineering from U.C.L.A. in 1993.  Since 1993 he has worked in the field of Microwave Engineering in Southern California.  Sjogren gained an interest in immigration reform in the mid 1990's, and has closely followed the developments on that issue since then, as a self-described political junkie.

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