A Massachusetts Reader Says Amnestied Illegals Will Give Gringo Democrats A Big Surprise
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From:  M.S.

Democrat politicians are eager to give amnesty to illegal aliens because they know that when they become citizens, they will vote for Democrats. 

What the Gringo Democrats don't realize is that the Mexicans may vote Democrat, but they won't be voting for THEM

Gringo Democrats are sealing their own political doom because Mexicans will only vote for Mexicans once they appear on the ballots.  No more white politicians...no more Black politicians… only wall-to-wall Latino politicians.

After Chicago Mayor Richard Daley pandered to illegal aliens during his city's demonstrations, I sent him an e-mail telling him that would be Chicago's last white mayor.

If the Gringo Democrats realize that they will vanish under Latino political domination, they will come to their senses and change their opinion about illegal aliens.

VDARE.COM note: M.S. is a former Democrat from Massachusetts where, she says "they stamp a 'D' after your name on the birth certificate." Although she has voted Republican since 1970, she realizes that "they would sell out their country for cheap labor."

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