A California Liberal Reader Says: "Drain The Swamp"
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From:  Nell Bartusch [e-mail her]

Let me preface my comments by telling you I am a liberal, but I enjoy occasionally coming to VDARE.COM to read Paul Craig Roberts

I notice that all your site writes about is immigration…report the little brown people, build fences, etc.

Trying to get rid of illegals is like swatting mosquitoes in a swamp.  You might get a few, but the problem remains unsolved.  A much better way to get rid of "them critters" is to dry up the swamp. 

If you folks are really serious about illegals, and not just using it as a Karl Rovian wedge issue for the fall elections, I have a simple solution.

Put the people who are causing the problem in jail.  The people who hire illegals are the real criminals here. 

Some employers even recruit and transport illegals into this country; they aggressively search out this cheap source of labor. They are the ones who should be reported.  Going after the powerful—members of the best country clubs, occupants of the penthouse suites, the hypocritical pillars of our community who contribute heavily to the politicians that help them get rich—would take real guts.

It's easier to pick on the weak, those with no power whose major crime is the desire to feed their families. That's what your writers and the Republican Congress is doing.

And it's wrong and immoral. 

Drain the swamp, the mosquitoes disappear.

Peter Brimelow replies: Actually, we absolutely agree with all of these comments on business. But the presence of illegal aliens does constitute a moral hazard too—it tempts employers to use them.

(Bartusch is a Web/graphic designer who earned a B.S. in Business from Arizona State and a M.E. with an emphasis in Educational Technology at San Diego State University)

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