A Maryland Reader Says Some Success Stories Have A Chilling Footnote
September 02, 2008, 05:00 AM
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From: Ann Corcoran (e-mail her)

Re: Saturday Forum: A Washington State Reader Says Indians Are Overly Self-Congratulatory

Letter writer Adele Just reports:

"Among other success stories was Farooq Kathwari. He had bought that American `classic`, the Ethan Allen chain of American Colonial-era furniture and accessories stores."

Just was quoting other Indians about their community`s financial successes. But there is more to his story.

Kathwari, now chairman of the board of Refugees International, is a Muslim Kashmiri separatist   whose son was killed in Afghanistan while fighting on the side of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda!

Corcoran writes the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch. Her previous letter to VDARE.COM about Teddy Kennedy`s refugee policy is here.