A Maryland Reader Says Some Success Stories Have A Chilling Footnote
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From: Ann Corcoran (e-mail her)

Re: Saturday Forum: A Washington State Reader Says Indians Are Overly Self-Congratulatory

Letter writer Adele Just reports:

"Among other success stories was Farooq Kathwari. He had bought that American 'classic', the Ethan Allen chain of American Colonial-era furniture and accessories stores."

Just was quoting other Indians about their community's financial successes. But there is more to his story.

Kathwari, now chairman of the board of Refugees International, is a Muslim Kashmiri separatist   whose son was killed in Afghanistan while fighting on the side of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda!

Corcoran writes the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch. Her previous letter to VDARE.COM about Teddy Kennedy's refugee policy is here.

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