A New York Reader And Massachusetts Native Calls ESPNS` Peter Gammons A Guilty WASP Elitist
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From: Matthew Richer (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Peter Gammons, ESPN Baseball Analyst, Is A Big Idiot

Gammons is not really a Bostonian but an old school WASP New Englander. 

A descendent of Ethan Allen, Gammons attended Groton, a Massachusetts boarding school for the rich.  

Appropriately, Gammons wrote for the Boston Globe, which is historically WASP, now owned by the New York Times, (and which is, of course, shamelessly pro-immigration). 

Northeast WASP elites suffer an enormous amount of race guilt and will do and say the silliest things to expiate it.  No doubt, Gammons has little interaction with immigrants outside of a major league baseball locker room.

Funny, how the demographic group that has contributed so much to the founding of the country—New Englanders—is now dedicated to undermining it.

Richer, a Red Sox fan, is the author of Busing's Boston Massacre. His previous letters to VDARE.COM about the Hispanization of Boston, Mitt Romney (a "phony" says Richer) and illegal aliens on Cape Cod are here, here and here.

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