A MA Reader Wonders How New England Patriots` Brass Could Have Ignored Alien Guatemalans In The Cold
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From: Leo Keily (e-mail him)

Matthew Richer's Blog: More On The N.E. Patriots Illegal Snow Shovelers

Obviously, New England Patriot management had to know that its third party personnel firm hired illegal immigrants. This could have been avoided if Patriot brass had insisted that all employees be processed under E-Verify.

I hope these Guatemalans do not get asylum.

This is not an uncharitable wish but rather a practical one. There is very little likelihood that they will ever assimilate or work at anything other than minimum wage jobs thus setting themselves up for more abuse.

Send them home.

Once back in Guatemala they would be among their own people and not in a foreign land where they do not speak English.

Home certainly beats washing dishes in second rate restaurant—their likely future.

An afterthought: when was the last time anyone in the Patriots organization was as cold as those Guatemalans shoveling snow and eating hot dogs for lunch?

Keily is an engineer. His previous letters about amnesty and predicting Senator Scott Brown victory are here and here.

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