A MA Reader Says Alien Scams Don't Need To Be Complex
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From: Leo Kiely (e-mail him)

Re: Matthew Richer's Blog: Deval Patrick Frustrated Over Immigration Question

Richer wrote that illegal aliens could scam federal immigration law by "…merely filing a bogus asylum claim..."

Actually, it could be even easier than that. Let's imagine that an illegal alien is apprehended immediately after crossing into a border state. He says he's on the way to the closest ICE office to pick up the necessary papers to file his appeal.

To Governor Deval Patrick that could be interpreted as "in the process of straightening out" his legal status.

But kidding aside, why not wait until the process is officially "straightened out"? Since when did it become feasible to race straight to the end as if no damning information may be discovered about the applicant along the way?

Kiely, an engineer, lives in a Boston and writes that he has "watched neighborhoods of my city become unrecognizable as parts of the United States." His previous letter about amnesty is here.

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