An Indiana Reader Says Lou Dobbs's Political Efforts Are Misguided
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03/29/10 - A MA Reader Says Alien Scams Don't Need To Be Complex

From: Mark Ellis (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: TV's Immigration News Blackout: How I Came To Miss Lou Dobbs' Show—But Not Him

Dobbs' biggest threat isn't his sudden embrace of amnesty for illegal aliens but rather his possible appearance on a third party ticket.

Third party candidates are rarely successful and often tip the election to whoever is worst of the two major parties.

The best would be to vote out the scoundrels on a regular basis until they get the picture that they are elected to represent us and not the various special interests they always grovel to.

This is already happening with Republican victories in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts as well as with dark clouds gathering over the heads of two of the worst illegal alien panderers, Senators John McCain and Harry Reid.

James Fulford writes: Third parties aren't necessarily supposed to win—they're supposed to provide an alternative to the bipartisan agreement that leaves voters no one to vote for. And many modern parties started out as third parties, not least the Republican Party. See Everything You Need to Know About Third Parties (and Aren't Going To Be Told)

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