A Louisiana Reader Explains To A Reconquista Why "We Care"
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From: Pat Mason (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Hispanic Reader Tells Allan Wall To "Pick His Own Crops"

"Mary, Mary" wrote:

"If the Gringos won independence for Texas from Mexico, why do you get so angry if Mexicans talk about it? Who really cares? My suggestion to all of you at VDARE.COM is get a life and go pick your own crops."

Mary should know that we don't get mad if anyone "talks" about the Alamo, only if the facts are skewed, misrepresented, or left out completely. 

We get mad when we're accused of "stealing" lands from Mexico which, by any measure of effort by her part in investigating the subject, would show that the United States paid Mexico for lands that it had won fair and square in a war verifiably started by the Mexican government. 

Therefore, we had every right under the worldwide acceptance of "to the victor go the spoils" to keep all the territory we won in battle and to hell with the vanquished.

I wonder what the Mexican government under the ruthless Santa Ana would have done to us?

Furthermore, we get mad again when those who hold American citizenship harbor resentments against us. Ingratitude comes to mind Mary's case, and one wonders why such a person, if not born in the United States, would even bother becoming an American. 

Naturalized citizens should remember the oath they take charging them to leave all former loyalties to their former country behind.  Too many naturalized Americans conveniently forget about this passage once they have recited the oath.

As far as "getting a life" and "picking our own crops" perhaps Mary has never studied American history. If she had, she would have read tales of hardy American frontiersmen and women, toiling American farmers, laboring industrialists, and tireless inventors.

For my part, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth nor were any of my five other siblings. My father endured hardships as a boy and my mother has picked more cotton than most blacks her age.

Who "really cares" about any of this, Mary? 

We do! Any true American cares about their history and revels in it.  Only those who hate the American saga run it down. To them I ask: "Why are you here?"

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