A California Reader Wonders What Ever Happened To Blondes
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From: Claire Winston (e-mail her)

Regarding Wal-Mart's decision to have a store for Arab-Americans in Dearborn, this is good news. [Arab-Americas Store, by Keith Naughton, Newsweek, March 10, 2008]

If Wal-Mart ever starts the practice in California, I won't have to shop with women wearing hijabs. They'll have their shopping center and I'll have mine. You know, separate but equal.

Corporate America sells out American culture once again! 

I'm going to tell Wal-Mart that after going to my local store and only finding Mexican soccer team posters, but no American soccer team posters, I now find out it has a store catering to Muslims. That means they've lost my business.

But where will I go? Target is getting on my nerves too because its hair care section is geared toward Latinos.

What ever happened to blondes?

Winston's previous letters about the Arabic Yellow Pages and the LA Metro system catering to aliens are here and here.

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