A California Reader Worries About the Student Demonstrations
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From: Vicki L. Morin [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Who Gains From Unchecked Illegal Immigration?

I graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento, California, in 1968.

Today, on the noon news, students from my old school demonstrating for so-called immigrant rights were arrested.

The march, headed toward Cesar Chavez Park in downtown, was a spontaneous event which coursed its way down Martin Luther King Blvd and through Oak Park—a crime-infested section with many Hispanics that holds most of the city's drug activity.

No permits were issued and no adults supervised. The California Highway Patrol, on duty at the Capitol, caught the students fighting among themselves.

Cesar Chavez Park is located at 9th and J streets; the Capitol, at 10th and L Sts. In other words, illegal aliens were in broad daylight demanding what they feel should be their rights.

I come from a long line of patriots. And I watch in awe and disgust at what is happening to the United States and California under the Bush administration.

[Satellite photo of Sacramento]

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