A CA Reader Notes Illegal Alien May 1st Boycott—Says She'll Be Spending Her IRS Rebate!
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04/27/08 - A NM Reader Notes That Joe Guzzardi Predicted Senator Domenici's Slide Long Before Anyone In The MSM; Joe Replies

From: Laura (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: May Day Madness From Immigration Anarchists!

Here in Rialto, located in San Bernardino County and represented by alien loving Congressman Joe Baca, illegal immigrants want to show how powerful their purchasing power is by not shopping on May 1st.

Good luck to them. I'll be spending my entire IRS tax rebate check on that day!

Laura has been active in patriotic immigration reform since she moved to California in 1975. She says that San Bernardino then was "a beautiful military town…but you should see it now."

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