A Lawyer Says That Law Enforcement Takes All Threats "Seriously"
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11/27/08 - A Hawaii Reader Says Mahalo to VDARE.COM

From: Eleanor Simpson, Esq. (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Punishing Obama Critics

Ordinarily I'd be in full agreement with Fulford that the University of Texas football player Buck Burnette shouldn't have been punished for posting a so-called "racial slur" [referring to President-Elect Barack Obama] on the Internet.

My problem is that the sentence Burnette posted, "All the hunters gather up..." could have been interpreted as a threat to an individual's life.

Indeed, I've seen such statements regarded precisely that way by law enforcement, and taken seriously.

James Fulford replies: Well, maybe, although Burnette was just posting what someone sent him as a text message so the original sender is the one who should be in trouble.

But we've had years of violent left-wing Bush hatred (different in kind and degree from VDARE.COM's attitude) including at lot of people who seemed to be threatening his life.

I doubt if any university has disciplined any anti-Bush students.

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