A Hawaii Reader Says Mahalo to VDARE.COM
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From: Lee Eisenstein (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Mexican Gangsters Converting America's National Parks Into Giant Marijuana Patches

I read with interest Walker's recent article and want to share a simple idea that might help.

Since prohibition causes the Mexicans to grow cannabis in our national parks, why not simply end the effort to criminalize marijuana users and regulate its sales to adults as the Dutch do?

With legal farmers cultivating marijuana, the black market would become overpriced and soon would vanish.

The illicit profits and corruption resulting from restricting drugs alone are so enormous that it really doesn't overstate the case to say that the so called war on drugs should be considered a threat to our political and national security.

Your readers may be interested to know that things over here are pretty good.  Everybody's thrilled and relieved at Barack Obama's victory and that's the hot topic of the day.

But tourism is way down and people are finally looking at diversifying our economy.  It's still beautiful and it's still Hawaii though.

Mahalo to VDARE.COM for your website—great stuff


Eisenstein is a long time Hawaii resident and a winner of Hawaii's Grammy, the Hoku Hanohano Award for one of his classical guitar and historical woodwind duo's seven recordings.

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