Freedom of Speech—Slip, Slip, Slipping Away
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While I was editing last night’s letter, it struck me that a growing and extremely frightening trend is upon us—loss of Freedom of Speech that, if left unchecked, could morph into a more aggressive campaign under the Barack Obama administration of robbing us of our Constitutional rights.

In his op-ed piece, Michael Meyers, former assistant director of the NAACP, warned against denying Suffolk County executive Steve Levy his right to hold and express an immigration view different from his own and ethnic identity groups like the New York-based Hispanic Across America. [Don’t Rush to Judgment, By Michael Meyers, Newsday, November 14, 2008] 

But the case is growing more out of control. According to Newsday, Hispanics Across America may sue the parents of the accused killers of citing lack of ”moral responsibility.”

"Parents that teach their children hate are just as responsible as the kids who commit the crimes,"

said Fernando Mateo, president of Hispanics Across America. [Latino Group May Sue Parents of Hate Crime Suspects, by Sophia Chang, Newsday, November 11, 2008]

Even a shred of success in such a lawsuit would further squash free speech—you’ll have to rear your children according to the Hispanic Across America guidelines.

Forget that the ”suspects” haven’t been convicted of anything. In fact, they haven't even gone to trail.

And it is, at this moment at least, totally unknown to anyone involved in the case what parental role anyone may have played in bring up the children.

What’s alarming is this incident comes on top of the item in James Fulford’s blog of two days ago pointing out that a  University of Texas football player was suspended for what were deemed inappropriate comments.

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