An Illinois Reader Blames Obama On Illinois` Pro-Immigration GOP
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From: Kurt Bechle (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Can Obama Really Win The White Vote?

Speaking for myself—a white voter—I support Ron Paul.

As a lifelong resident of Illinois, I was excited at the prospect of conservative, anti-illegal immigration businessman Jim Oberweis running for the 2004 senate seat against the obscure Barack Obama.

The Illinois Republican Party, however, wanted no part of Oberweis because of his outspoken opposition to immigration and it pulled out all the stops for Jack Ryan, a financial guy from Goldman Sachs' Chicago branch. Ryan won the nomination and then proceeded to drop out after some murky allegations about his participation in sex clubs with his ex-wife Jeri.

The Illinois Republican Party quickly replaced Ryan with perennial political punching bag Alan Keyes, an obvious loser, who said little about immigration but focused instead on abortion.

Obama won in a landslide. I believe it was a deliberate set up by the big money boys who walk both sides of the street to advance their globalist agenda.

The Illinois Republican Party is in total disarray, having lost the confidence of conservatives.

Illinois has an image as a liberal state, but this is misleading. Chicago and Cook County dominate Illinois politics due to better organization skills. Rural areas and even downstate Democrats are very conservative and strongly oppose gun control and open borders.

Bechle is a retired tool and die designer who lives in rural northern Illinois.

Joe Guzzardi comments: In 2004, Dave Gorak and I wrote columns about how the Illinois GOP put the skids to Oberweis, thereby making Obama's Senate win inevitable. The inexperienced Obama ran essentially unopposed—Keyes was a carpetbagger from Maryland. Given that history, it's correct to say that Obama is the accidental presidential candidate. 

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