A Jewish Reader Agrees With Patrick Cleburne That Netanyahu Is A Better President Than Barack Obama
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog post Netanyahu for President!(3) - Not Gideon Aronoff

From: David G [Email him]

This Jew agrees with Patrick Cleburne in his blog post "Netanyahu for President!(3) - Not Gideon Aronoff" I did not know Patrick Cleburne was a Confederate Civil War General. My grandparents got here in 1900 so it is hard for me to get interested in the Civil War, though I greatly appreciate our War for Independence. If I feel this way about the Civil War, imagine how these Third World immigrants think?

They could care less about

Of course black people also abored hard to build America. Hispanics not very much. The Hispanic role in US history is minimal but this isn't stopping us from squandering 600 million for a monument on The Mall (Washington DC) for them. Some are calling it a "Latino Museum"

We need Benjamin Netanyahu's Israeli style immigration enforcement here in America. An Israeli style border fence too. They have a state of the art border fence that is patrolled by the IDF. What we have in America is national self sabotage by allowing this Mexican and Third World invasion—be it legal or illegal aliens. Due to chain migration, many other legal Third World immigrants are no better than the illegals.

I grew up with Christians and like being around American Christians, evangelicals, Catholics, or what have you, rather than these uneducated Third Worlders. For me America was much better in the 1950s when the WASP Eastern Establishment ruled America.

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