A Texas Engineer Says Illegals Should Change Their Own Country, Not This One
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Re: A W Morgan's article Isabel Castillo Gets U. Of San Francisco "Honorary" Doctorate—For Being Illegal!

From: Luis Fernando Ceja [Email him]

Fine written piece.  I felt a bit uncomfortable with the bean and tortilla comments, as I felt they were unnecessary.

That Miss Castillo benefited from the laws of the United States of America does not give her the right to try to change them, as an illegal, she only has human rights.

Whatever those things might be.

If Castillo wants to make "the same opportunities" for other illegals available, as she once had them, then change the country from whence they came.

Not this country.

I too benefitted from the opportunities of this country.  I am a U.S. citizen with parents born in Mexico.

I am a mechanical engineer graduate from the University of Texas at Austin.  I also have no visions of every wetback coming into the country, also being able to graduate from this fine institution.  Graduating from engineering school has a lot to do with brains and determination.

Not everyone has both, no matter where you come from.

Mexicans have a saying: 

"Cada quien que con sus uñas se rasqué!"

That is, everyone scratch their own backs. 


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